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Filming & Photo Shoots

The Happy Bunny is an ideal option for filming, pilots, photo shoots, advertising and music videos. Please contact us for more information, or perhaps come and see us, look around the boat and discuss the possibilities.

By making the most of this boating facility, filming or photography can include still or motion shots, by day or night, you can even choose your setting. Fast action out at sea or cruising on the Thames or Medway, your scenery options are extensive, from the White Cliffs of Dover, to St. Katharine’s Dock by London’s Tower Bridge, sedately against the picturesque town of Henley or even the Palace at Hampton Court, the ideas are endless.

Our experience gives us an understanding of patience and principals for filming continuity and the need for precision re-takes. With safety considered the manoeuvring of the boat can be repeated to assist film crew requirements.

We’ve already enjoyed the pleasure of hosting a number of artists and corporate ventures for film and photo shoots, including the provision of luxurious nautical transportation to and from London, the O2 Arena and out to cross-Channel destinations.

A partial list includes War of the World’s cast Jeff Wayne, Jennifer Ellison, Shannon Noll, Alex James also Kenneth Benson, DiamondGirlz, the Ferrari Owners Club, Red Carpet Productions, ITV’s this morning show and the Daily Mail.

Photos: © Catherine Stewart 2008