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Fine Dining with Scott Anderson

A New Zealander by birth, Scott developed a passion for cooking at a very young age. Scott found his love for food during his first lessons in home economics and has been involved in food ever since.

Scott’s first real taste of cooking came through the Regent in Auckland, New Zealand’s top hotel. Scott received a lucky break at a time when apprenticeships were limited, his father was on business at the hotel and mentioned that his son was passionate about food and wanted to be a chef. Scott was then referred to the HR department where his journey began; he started in the pot wash and helped the chefs do basic prep. The Executive Chef Michael James, was a Welsh Chef in New Zealand about to make a name for himself. He is now one of the most celebrated chefs in the country. Michael spotted potential in Scott early on and took him under his wing offering him a 3 year apprenticeship where he received his classical training. After just one year Scott was recognised at national level for his culinary achievements.

During his time under Michael he won many awards including; Apprentice of the Year New Zealand and Silver medal two years running at the Culinary Olympics. Scott has been a part of several restaurant openings where he has set the kitchens up from start to finish, including being an integral part of the team selection process and menu development. In 1995 Scott moved to Sydney Australia where he worked with Serge Dansereu at Kables restaurant which has always been a benchmark in Sydney’s upper echelon. He then went and opened a modern Australian brassiere in Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. Scott received fantastic reviews in the Sydney Morning Herald for his eclectic approach to using local produce. He was then selected by Sydney entrepreneur Nick Mentis (founder of the Sydney fish market) to be an integral member of one of the cities’ finest seafood restaurants situated in the beautiful Darling Harbour. Europe was always on Scott’s agenda and after 6 years in Australia the time was right to move and take in the diverse culinary pleasures that the northern hemisphere had to offer.

As a stepping stone to London Scott chose to spend 6 months on the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia, learning about local dishes, produce and customs. 2001 brought Scott to London the UK’s hub of culinary excellence, it was here that he joined Payne and Gunter London’s premier fine dining catering company and got experience developing and delivering fine cuisine to London’s royalty and top celebrities. This role took Scott to Blenheim and Alexandra Palace, Tower Bridge, The Royal Albert Hall and many of London’s exclusive livery halls where private members and celebrities attend prestigious events. Scott now has his own catering business and continues to develop food for the UK’s leading retailers Marks & Spencer and Waitrose. He has been in this sector since 2003 and is passionate about educating the public on food trends and eating healthily. A few of the ranges that he has developed are; Count on Us, Food to Go, Gourmet, Healthy Balanced, Gastro and Steam Cuisine. Scott set up his business in 2007 with the ambition to share his knowledge and love of food with a wider audience and provide people with the tools they need to create delicious meals.

Imagine an evening cruise along the Thames with all of the landmarks and bridges lighting the way. Linton Motor Yacht Charters are proud to work together with world class chef Scott Anderson to bring you the ultimate dining experience on board our motor yacht.