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Fine Dining With Barry Vera

Food for many is a passion, one which manifests itself in a multitude of disciplines, whether it is through creating, writing, photographing, or discovering. For Barry Vera accomplished chef, author and dynamic television personality his passion for food takes all forms.

Barry was born and raised in Sheffield as the member of a culinary family; interestingly Barry’s grandparents were the first to bring Italian ice cream in a stick to the north of England. From a young age Barry has learned not only to enjoy food but to experiment, create, discover and most importantly share his passion for food with others. Gaining his classical training by studying at Granville College in Sheffield and stages in France and London. Barry’s culinary journey has seen him throughout the UK, France, Canada, South Africa, Australia and now back home in England. Barry has worked as Head Chef in Michelin starred establishments and reputable fine dining restaurants such as Conran Restaurants, Le Pont de la Tour, Quaglinos & Cantina, Marco Pierre Whites Les Saveurs & MPW & The Waldorf in the UK as well as serving as Executive Chef at Blues Restaurant in Camps Bay and the Table Bay Hotel on the waterfront of Cape Town Harbour.

Barry Moved to Melbourne in 2001 with his Australian wife Wendy to work as Executive Chef at the famous Mansion Hotel. Barry then opened his own restaurant, ‘vera’ to rave reviews on Valentine’s Day 2006. Such success has vera had that one of Barry’s creations was named one of the top dishes to eat in Melbourne for 2006. Barry is also the presenter and writer for the highly successful Feast television series in which Barry takes viewers on a culinary and cultural journey through exotic destinations.Barry’s first series, Feast India, explored the food and local flavors of India and the second, Feast Bazaar, saw him travel through the souks & bazaars of Morocco & Syria. The series was voted second best food related program to be aired on Australian TV in 2006. Barry has finished filming the third series in Greece which is due to be aired later this year. The feast series has proved very popular across the globe with it being aired in over 80 countries through independent television and the Discovery Channel. Barry has just released his second book ‘Feast Bazaar’ based on his journeys through India, Syria & Morocco. His first book ‘The Home Cook’ was a mix of his favorite recipes from the home. He is currently working on his third book based on his travels through Greece.

Importantly, Barry became a father six years ago. Through his experiences with his son, Jack, Barry believes that parents have a responsibility to expand their children’s palates at an early age and get their children on a path to healthy eating while young and seeks to raise awareness of this wherever he can. Barry has also created a charitable organization fundraising for children globally. Aptly titled the ‘Feast Foundation’ Barry is currently in talks with merging his Foundation here in the UK. Ultimately the foundation seeks to help build a better life and follow up progress for those children most in need of assistance. As Barry says ‘We can’t change the world, but we can make a difference’. This is a none profit charity making sure that it all works for the children; we have the power to make a difference in their lives. And through his Feast journeys it inspired him to help make the change. Barry is very passionate about his work and sharing his experiences with others.

Through his varied and diverse experiences and interests, Barry is able to achieve his goals and share his passion for food, educate and help others. This aim is an ongoing one for Barry as his travels continue; his business and charitable activities grow. Barry is currently scouring the length and breadth of the UK in search or what he describes as true producers, people who supply for the love of the product. Barry is also the resident food writer for Limited Edition magazine.